Master Balloon Artist


From a one balloon dog to 130,000 balloons in a haunted house, Swifty has been part of the new art form sweeping the world!

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In October of 2004, Swifty (Allen Stay) was one of the Artists who built the first life size balloon haunted house. The project took 60 other balloon artists, and 240 local vounteers 3000 hours to complete, and used over 60,000 balloons. The house covered 10,000 square feet of floor space and was open for guided tours for five days after it was completed. The house raised almost $34,000 for the Wilmot Cancer Center at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester NY. Click on the photo to see how this amazing project came together!
The first ever balloon haunted house returns! In October 2006 Swifty (Allen Stay) with 65 other master balloon artists from around the world once again gathered in Rochester, NY. to bring the balloon manor back to life! 130,000 balloons weighing in at over 1/2 ton were used in the construction of this project! Click on the photo to see how this impressive project was built!
This creation was done in Meadville, PA. It took 12 hours to build. Swifty (Allen Stay) has followed through on many large scale balloon sculptures but this was his first one to be the head designer! The team was assembled by Meadville's own "Squeeze the Clown"!
This sculpture was for a World Master Balloon Competition held in Florence Italy (April 2007). Linda Bruce from San Fransico, CA. and Swifty (Allen Stay) from Novelty, OH. represented the United States in this competition. They had six more people from Poland help build this fine work of art. It took two twelve hour days to bring together and the sculpture's dimensions were 15'x15'x20'!! The team took 4th place in the world!
The Reaper shall dance again.... Balloon Manor 2007.. Yes, it is coming back! Keep returning here to see the Manor twist into shape! Click on photo for Link!